Non-Surgical Double Chin Removal Treatment

Belkyra double chin fat removal treatment

BELKYRA™ is a non-surgical double-chin fat removal treatment now offered by Dr. Alves at Bloor Village Cosmetic Medicine clinic in Toronto!

This minimally invasive procedure is designed to dissolve fat and contour the chin for a more youthful, attractive appearance. Dr. Alves performs this treatment without surgery and without disruption to your daily life. BELKYRA™ (KYBELLA™ in the United States) is also known as non-surgical lipo.

Non-Surgical Double Chin Removal Treatment
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Common Questions about Double Chin Removal Treatment

How does double chin removal work?

All of our body’s cells have a special outer layer of fat to control what goes in and out of them, known as a lipid membrane. BELKYRA™ is a medication that breaks down fat cells, and is actually the same type of chemical that our livers produce naturally and that gets released by our gall bladder to break down the food we eat. When fat cells are exposed to BELKYRA™ they are dissolved.

How is BELKYRA™ administered?

BELKYRA™ is injected with a very thin needle into the fat that creates the double chin. Medically, this area is known as submental pre-platysmal fat.

After 4-6 weeks you will have a follow up consultation with Dr. Alves to assess the initial treatment’s level of fat loss. Most patients require 2-4 treatments for optimal results*(see disclaimer), but individual goals will be discussed with Dr. Alves.

How long does the double chin removal procedure take?

BELKYRA™ double-chin removal treatment typically takes only several minutes. Your consultation with Dr. Alves will be scheduled for up to 45 minutes at our aesthetic medicine clinic, located in the Bloor West Village of Toronto. As with any medical procedure performed at Bloor Village Medical Cosmetics, your safety and aesthetic outcome are our utmost concern, and so only Dr. Alves will perform your non-surgical lipo procedure. We do not allow nurse injectors to practice at our facility.

The procedure does not leave any indication that it was performed and you may go about your day right away.

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Who should not have BELKYRA™?

BELKYRA™ should not be used in pregnant or lactating women, as well as people who have had a previous allergic reaction to the drug or any of its ingredients. People with blood, neurological, or immune system disorders must discuss whether they are able to undergone treatment with Dr. Alves.

Can people tell I’ve had BELKYRA™?

The procedure is minimally invasive and most people can leave the office and go about their day without anyone noticing they were treated. The area injected will swell and may bruise slightly. This typically lasts for one week. Over the next 2-6 weeks the fat cells under the chin will be broken down by the body, resulting in a more sculpted and shapely jaw, chin, and neck*(see disclaimer).

*see disclaimer

What does BELKYRA™ do?

When our weight fluctuates with diet and exercise our fat cells shrink when we are burning more calories than we eat, or grow when we eat more than we burn. In contrast, BELKYRA™ dissolves these fat cells, so they can no longer store excess fat.

What happens to the BELKYRA™ once it is in my body?

BELKYRA™ is a similar molecule to one that our liver creates and gallbladder excretes when we eat fatty foods (deoxycholic acid). After it is injected BELKYRA™ also gets stored in the gallbladder and is used to help digest food like its natural counterpart.

How much does double chin removal cost?

The price of BELKYRA™ varies from person to person depending on how much treatment they need to remove their double chin fat. This means that each individual will need a specific amount of product to achieve the cosmetic results they are looking for. Therefore, the cost of the BELKYRA™ treatment varies by each patient depending on the amount of product and treatments needed.

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What are the potential side effects of double chin removal treatment?

The vast majority of patients do not experience any side effects from BELKYRA™ injections. Common temporary side effects include infection, pain, bruising, headache, and less commonly the short-term paralysis of unintended muscles. Rarer and more serious side effects can include nerve and skin damage.

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All patients must undergo medical consultation with Dr. Alves prior to receiving any treatment.

BELKYRA™ is a trademark of Kythera Biopharmaceuticals, Inc., an Allergan affiliate, used under license by Actavis Specialty Pharmaceuticals Co.

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*Disclaimer: Similar results are not guaranteed. Individual results are dependent upon multiple factors including the procedure and the patient’s age, metabolism and activity level.

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